It's Official! 

is now part of

As many of you may have heard in the last few months, Dream Catcher Fireworks has worked with Craig over at Big Top Fireworks to be able to keep his line going and growing in to the future.

Craig at Big Top Fireworks wanted to ensure that his line of products wasn't just shelved or absorbed by a company to minimize the competition, when he reached out about his retirement he was happy to hear our interest, and that we plan to keep the product line alive and growing for years to come, even though under our name, he still has pride in the fact that this same product line continues to grow!

As a long time customer of Big Top Fireworks ourselves, we see the value in his product and the quality he brings in. We have already placed orders with his factory, and will have product in this spring to be able to have almost a full line for this summer! As we are starting out, we have focused this first year on his line of cakes, and shell assortments with only a few individual shells. As we know the industry in Canada is short on 3" and 4" shells, we have asked the factory to focus on those to ensure we can carry earlier in the spring for everyone. As everyone has noticed in the past few years, prices have been going up across the industry (primarily due to shipping), and Big Top has been able to keep their prices low as he has been using up his existing inventory in expectation of his retirement.

This is a major undertaking for us, and we expect there to be some learning curves, however we look forward to welcoming all of our new and existing customers to be able to see these for themselves. In the coming years we intend to start bringing in a full compliment of the products that Big Top has authorized with the addition of new products that we are looking forward to developing with the factory. We have big plans for the continued growth of the product line, and hope to be able to bring lots of new products in the coming years.

We are willing to listen to comments and critique and make changes as necessary, so please feel free to let us know what you would like to see and in time we will try to implement as many as we can.

Things you may notice from the beginning.

Due to regulations, Salutes are not able to get out of China right now, many of you already know this, however in case you are not aware, we will not have any salutes coming in this year.

All new products coming in will no longer say 'Big Top Fireworks' however will have 'Dream Catcher Fireworks' on them, this is required as we are now the importer, however we are maintaining the product numbers the same as they are to make the transition as simple as possible for everyone.

The box will now have the product number visible on all 4 side so that when you are receiving a skid, or better yet, storing it you are less worried about the side facing forwards (a small detail, I know, but one we all likely curse and swear about every once and a while!)

Every single product made in our name will have the plastic ignition T's for electric match along with a black match ignition. Another minor detail, however it is a point our supervisors sometimes curse about with some products, so we listened and made the changes we can.

To our existing customers

This is great news for you all as well! This will allow us to remain competitive and grow our team further to service everyone. Every year we have been growing (at the exception of Covid) and as many of you have seen over the last decade or so, we still like to pride ourselves on our customer service. We will continue serve you all and ensure that everyone still gets the variety we promise, we have already talked with many of the suppliers we currently receive product from, and all of them are happy for us and will continue to work with us so that your show still has the selection you have always had!

To all the shows that used to be shot by Big Top Fireworks

As part of our agreement with Big Top Fireworks, some of his shooters decided to start a display company in Winnipeg to continue servicing you all, you likely will not see a huge difference in service, and will still see many of the same shooters on site. The company that will be servicing you will be called "Cross Country Fireworks" and their direct email is They are already licensed and insured, and ready to serve your needs!

To anyone with equipment already in your possession from Big Top Fireworks

The equipment has been transferred ownership to Dream Catcher Fireworks, many of you have likely already heard from us, and we are willing to continue offering service to you all, for the companies in Ontario, you will likely be able to get cheaper shipping then you have in the past!

For communities that are further away, we would like to work with you all to keep freight costs low, and the easiest way to do that is if everyone has their orders in early, we can then bulk ship a distance, to save everyone some costs!

One small note to bring up is that the factory that Big Top products come from is no longer producing 2" (50mm) shells, therefore we will be transitioning to 2.5" (65mm) shells in production. As we are also a fireworks company, we will be able to provide some 2" shells from other providers, however we will likely be looking at transitioning everyone to 2.5" as in the long run they are almost the same price.

To Big Top Fireworks Wholesale Customers

Dream Catcher Fireworks has moved all of the importing operations to our base just outside of Sudbury, Ontario, I understand that for some companies out West this may add a little additional shipping, and we are willing to work with you on that point and will be looking in to getting a large shipment sent to Winnipeg in the spring and could likely just have you paying shipping from there. There are a lot of little details left for us to figure out, however we hope to be able to service you all this 2023 season!

One small note to bring up is that the factory that Big Top products come from is no longer producing 2" (50mm) shells, and as you may know, we have to use the same factory and everything for the authorizations. Therefore we will be transitioning to 2.5" (65mm) shells in production. We are also working on bringing in a stock of 2.5" mortars this spring to be able to hopefully provide for the transition for everyone.

As much as possible, we are keeping the same product numbers to minimize confusion, however the name on the box will now be Dream Catcher Fireworks, and for ERD regulations you will need to update your books.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions using this form or to our email: