Great Outdoor Show

Dream Catcher Fireworks is looking forward to providing you with an amazing fireworks show for your events or long weekends all summer long and are offering discounted packages for clients who have met us at the Sudbury Great Outdoor Show!

Thank you very much for taking the time to come and see our booth, and we hope to be able to serve you in the years to come! 

Fireworks pre-orders at the show:

Per Sudbury Bylaw, Fireworks are not allowed to be sold at the exception of certain weeks of the year. For that reason we are allowing pre-orders for this summer at the show! For Dream Catcher Packs orders made at the show we will offer 30% off and it will be ready for the holiday of your choosing, pick up at any of our locations (including the sales trailer) or delivery (free in Sudbury on minimum orders).

Special offer valid at the event only, and while supplies last, $1070 worth of consumer product for $500!Large Assortment Box - Wedding Show Promotion

Purchased from Office location and delivered in town free of charge.


Reach out soon as the offers below expire May 15th 2023!

Depending on your event location and budget, we have different options to fit your needs. Please note that all fireworks have minimum safety distances, and will need to comply with the local authority. All pricing estimated below is based on Sudbury local Shows, Dream Catcher Fireworks does work across the province, and will work with our teams in each area to keep travel costs down!


Display Shows:

Dream Catcher Fireworks offers full service, turn key productions year round including all of the leg work to get your show going. We deal with all of the permits, planning and staffing of your fireworks display with little involvement needed from you!

Permit fee of $365 (within Sudbury) not included in the prices below. Based on equipment and staff availabilities. First come, first serve.

Cake Show:

Starting at $2500 for a show using professional grade cakes, from land or water we can set you up! These shows usually last around 3-5 minutes, and are a great way to finish the event! these cakes go up to 250' in the air and are great for closer proximity viewing. 

Cake water displays require access to a small vessel on or near site to tow the platform to place. Site safety for the largest cakes we could bring would be about 300' radius from shoot site.


On these packages we offer free equipment rental. Our team uses top of the line equipment on site, from the Cobra Firing System, to the truck to get us on site, and all of our tools and equipment needed.


Shell Show:

Starting at around $5000 for a show using professional grade products only, we can give you a real nice show! This show will produce a 6-8 minute show with products that go up to 750' in the air! We can shoot this from land or bring out a floating platform specifically designed for these shows! These shows have a beautiful mix of shells and cakes in the air, and a wonderful finale at the end. If your event colors come close to colors of products we have, we can ensure we send more of your color to the show! (say your event color is blue, we can do a blue section of the show.) These shows require significant amounts of space, however are the best way to fill the air!Floating Platform Barge Fireworks Display Crossing Lake


On these packages listed above, we offer free equipment rental. Our team uses top of the line equipment on site, from the Cobra Firing System, to the truck and trailer to get us on site, and all of our tools and equipment needed! (easily over $1000 value!)
Floating Platform shows will discount the rental of the platform and additional endorsement requirements for our staff. ($500 value)
Alternatively, for shows on land, we will bring in a special heart shape cake that shoots a volley of 200' wide red hearts in the air! ($400 value)

Do it yourself:

These packages start at about $850 (could go bigger products for more), these are consumer grade products that you can shoot yourself. This bundle gives you approximately 5 minutes of show from a single firing position. if you have a bigger area, double it up and put out 2 positions for a much wider spectacle going in sync! 


We will start by giving you 20% off MSRP and we will throw in a Ignite Firing System rental, pre programmed script and Permit Preparation (virtual) free of charge for attendee's! (Over a $400 value) On top of all of that, we offer free delivery in advance within Sudbury! 


Product cost, Rental deposit and any other agreed upon fee's must be paid before or upon delivery. Delivery is to be scheduled for 1-2 business days before the event, should you need more time, extra rental fee's may apply. Limited number of rental units available for any one date and must be returned the next business day. Extra rental Fee's may apply for late return. Largest devices require up to 300' radius from shoot site, if site is limited, smaller products can be used. Permit fee from Sudbury Fire is not included.