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Glasses with Holographic Lenses

The lighting effects of firework displays, laser light shows, and house party light displays are visually stimulating on their own. But when you view these light sources through our Original Laser Viewers™ that feature holographic lenses, you may never want to see them again without slipping on these specially designed glasses.

Experience the Color Spectrum

The frames are made from durable cardstock, and holographic lenses reveal brilliant spectrums of light from various light sources. This makes the glasses an exciting addition to group gatherings for fireworks and laser light displays. People across the globe have been amazed by how our holographic lenses in our glasses reveal a rainbow spectrum of vibrant colors.

Experience the Rainbow Effect

The holographic lenses in our Original Laser Viewers™ create a rainbow effect that will dazzle you and your group. Order for a smaller group or order thousands of pairs to hand out at large events. For information about quantity discount pricing, please call us today.